The Organizers are the creators of the Encubator Programme which was created with the aim of offering connections, methodologies, tools and funding to accelerate the maturation of projects in the area of Climate Tech and Sustainability and maximize their potential.

Innovation Partner

The Innovation Partners are the leaders of the acceleration program and represent the highest level of involvement and support. They are leading companies or organisations in the field of sustainability and climate change

Empowering Partner

The Empowering Partners are companies / corporations that support the initiative by providing a grant dedicated to the best startups in the Climate Tech & Sustainability field to finance their entrepreneurial acceleration and technological development path.

Pioneer Partner

The Pioneer Partners are companies / corporations that support the initiative and are close to the issues of environmental sustainability open to providing support to the winning startups by facilitating the start of collaborations and development paths.

Tech Transfer Partner

The Tech Transfer Partner helps accelerate the development and implementation of the solutions presented, evaluating them for possible post-acceleration investments.

Business Partner for Regeneration

The Business Partner for Regeneration supports winning startups on a journey to evolve their business, providing its know-how to accelerate the transition to regenerative business models.

Technical Partner

The Technical Partners contribute to promoting the programme and are committed to support the initiative by making their expertise available to empower the selected startups.

Network Supporter

Contributes to promoting the programme and supporting scouting activities through the network of Universities, Research Centers and startups.

Scientific Partner

Organizations that share their technological and research expertise to support the programme.

Cultural Heritage Partner

Media Partner

Funded by
The European Union