Encubator Presentation Event 2023

Presentation Event

The Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi, PoliHub and Polytechnic University of Milan present the second edition of Encubator, the program aimed at offering connections, methodologies, tools and financing to accelerate the maturation of deep tech projects in the Climate Tech field and enhance the their maximum potential.

The organizers and partners will be present at the event, as well as institutions and companies ready to make a difference, to support these technologies, actively supporting startups in the process of validating business ideas and comparing them with the market.

The presentation event of the second edition of Encubator will be held on Friday 6 October, at 11.00.


Moderation by Giulia Cimpanelli, giornalista

Institutional greetings

Sergio Enrico Rossi, Deputy General Secretary of the Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce

Andrea Sianesi, President of PoliHub and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Marco Francesco Bocciolone, Rector’s Delegate for Technology Transfer Polytechnic University of Milan

The Encubator Program

Enrico Deluchi, CEO of PoliHub

Giacinto Schiavulli, Encubator Program Manager PoliHub

Innovation Partner

Andrea Campelli, Director of Communication and External Relations Corepla

Empowering Partner and Network Supporter

Sara Cropo, Project Manager Eni Joule

Giovanni Maggioni, Deputy Vice President of BCC Milan

Davide Dotti, Director of Business Innovation Edison SpA

The impact of corporate on sustainability

Irene Bengo, Associate Professor at the Department of Management Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan

Encubator 2022-2023 Startup testimony


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