Encubator is the programme created to accelerate the maturation of sustainability projects and maximize their potential.

Sustainable Technologies
for our planet

We want to connect with teams that are designing technologies capable of addressing the most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges of our time, supporting their growth through acceleration programmes, grants and access to investors.

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Encubator | We hatch climate tech startups

Grant for

Encubator | We hatch climate tech startups

acceleration programme

Encubator | We hatch climate tech startups

Access to investors
and to the PoliHub network

What we are looking for

The programme is intended for university and research centre spinoffs and early-stage startups capable of offering Climate Tech and sustainability solutions.

We are looking for researchers, scientists and inventors who are committed to identifying new solutions to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon free model, to make our cities and the ways of moving people and goods more sustainable, to reduce all types of waste towards a model of circular economy that respects our planet.

We still have time to save the future:
change is possible and essential.

What Encubator offers

With Encubator, you have the opportunity to help create a more sustainable future through your project, thanks to connections, methodologies, tools and funding to support you in the process of validating your business idea and comparing it with the market. You will be able to access:

Encubator | We hatch climate tech startups

A cash grant worth €40,000: €25,000 to invest for the development of your project and €15,000 to use in the acceleration programme.

Encubator | We hatch climate tech startups

A 4-month acceleration programme, organized and coordinated by PoliHub, to support technological growth and the validation of the startup business structure.

Encubator | We hatch climate tech startups

A network of founders, mentors, subject matter experts, corporate and investors actively involved in the sectors of ClimateTech and sustainability.

Encubator | We hatch climate tech startups

A Demo Day, where you will meet the investors and have the opportunity to take the privileged path of access to seed investments.


Applications are open from 15 September to 6 November 2022 and the acceleration programme will end in May 2023.


In hybrid mode, with remote workshops and coaching and networking in person.

Applications closed!



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